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Remedial Massage - A healing treatment - 1 hour initial treatment recommended.

- A remedial massage includes an initial postural assessment and a discussion about any muscular pain concerns and desired treatment outcomes. Remedial Massage can be light massage or deep tissue massage inclusive of trigger point therapy and myofascial release of muscles, joints and tendons in the body.

Remedial Massage is effective in treating a wide range of conditions not limited to:

  • Muscle or joint stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Frozen Shoulder 
  • Postural imbalance
  • Sciatica
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Muscular Spasms
  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Jaw pain

Chinese cupping - Great for deep tissue repair and energy:

Glass or plastic cups are used to create a light vacumn which then may be used as a slide cup (gentle sliding movement over the skin) or as a stationary cup (which promotes marking, a non painful bruise which promotes new cellular fluid and healing to the area.) Cupping is not painful, in fact it is quite a relaxing experience. Marking may last 7-10 days and marks appear less and less each time.

Oncology Massage - Suitable for clients who have cancer are in treatment for cancer or have previously had cancer. A very light therapy aiding in relaxation and feelings of well being.

Lymphatic Drainage - A gentle whole body treatment

A light style of sweeping strokes that aid fluid movement and activity of the lymph system aiding in detoxification, fluid reduction and relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage - 30- 60 min Maximum

A lighter style of massage providing relaxation and aiding in lowering anxiety, decreasing  pain, removing fluid,increasing circulation and improving sleep quality. The massage is conducted either in a seated or side lying position or face down using a pregnancy pillow dependent on which stage of pregnancy the client is in. Please notify your therapist how many weeks pregnant you are when booking a massage.

Private health rebates applicable to remedial massage only

  • 30 Minutes - Targeted Specific area relief. *1-2 areas.
  • 45 Minutes -  Targeted Specific area relief *2-4 areas.
  • 60 Minutes -  Best amount of time for Remedial or Relaxation. *Full body
  • 90 Minutes - Ultimate relaxation time or Ultimate remedial repair.
  • 120 Minutes - Absolute Stress buster, inclusive of intensive remedial optional.

*These treatment areas are a guide for selecting a massage time, treatment of massage areas during remedial massage is dependent on muscular dysfunction, more or less numbers of body areas may be treated during the massage via discretion of your massage therapist.

Clinical Hypnosis

A Clinical Hypnosis session includes an initial discussion of issues and goals you would like to work towards for example weight loss, anxiety, phobias, child birth preparation, chronic pain management & insomnia are a few of the concerns that may be treated via hypnosis.

The hypnotherapist then helps guide you in to a light meditative relaxed state while you remain completely conscious and aware of what is happening and your surroundings.

The hypnotherapist then talks you through different guided imagery and talks through the suggestions that are pre discussed at the start of your treatment including your goals. 

An initial hypnotherapy session may last from 1-2 hours.

Consecutive appointments are 1 hour appointments.

Clients have said they felt very comfortable and relaxed and found the experience of clinical hypnotherapy very enjoyable, relaxing and motivating.

Please note hypnosis is not suitable for mental health conditions such as major depression, Bipolar, Psychosis. If you are concerned about your mental health and please ask Sarah for a suggestion of a recommended mental health professional such as a Psychologist, Social Worker or Psychiatrist or see your doctor for a mental health plan.

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