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Suffering from foot, hip or ankle pain?

           Summer is here.. for this week, anyway... it is Tasmania. With the hot weather brings out our summer foot wear. Flip flops, thongs, jandles, whatever your summer feet apparel is called.

            Every year in summer I have many clients limping in to see me. Plantar fasciitis, sore feet, tight calves, hip issues. As soon as a client arrives with these issues the first question I ask is what is your summer foot wear? Is it supportive? If you are going to wear flip flops make sure it's for short periods or buy some flip flops with arch support.

Ideal summer foot wear should have arch support, ankle support and deep foot beds (the part the foot sinks into.) The sole of the shoe should also have a decent ammount of padding on the sole for shock absorbtion.

           If you have persistent foot, ankle or hip pain call Sarah at Northern Remedial Massage and book a 60 minute remedial massage including initial assessment. Book online at or text or call 0427880062.

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